Benefits of Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry Benefits Florida Patients

Your smile is an investment in your happiness. With implant dentistry services at Pembroke Pines, you’re not only investing in your smile, but your general oral health as well. When your teeth are missing, broken, or unhealthy, you sacrifice the functionality of your mouth, and the health of your other teeth.

Dental implants are an excellent solution to help regain the use of your mouth, replace missing teeth, and restore your confidence in your smile. You deserve the smile of a lifetime, and dental implants can give you just that.

Natural, Brighter Smile

You want your smile to look as natural as possible. Dental implants are the most natural looking restoration, and function exactly like your original teeth. You can talk, chew, and bite just like you always have, without having to worry about your teeth.

Durable, Permanent Results

Dental implants are permanently fixed to a titanium rod implanted in your jaw bone. Unlike dentures, you never have to worry about anyone seeing you without your pearly whites. Once you choose dental implants, you’ll always have a beautiful smile wherever you go. Implants are durable and last a lifetime, and the titanium rod provides a stable foundation for the prosthetic tooth or crown.

Safeguard the Health of Existing Teeth

Other dental restorations, such as tooth-supported bridges, require grinding of healthy teeth in order to affix the bridge. With dental implants, it isn’t necessary to have anything done to adjacent teeth, therefore keeping the integrity of healthy teeth.  When there are gaps due to missing or damaged teeth, healthy teeth can shift over time, which can impact your bite and the way you use your mouth. These shifted teeth can weaken, compromising your smile.

Easy to Care For

Dental implants act just like your natural teeth, which means you don’t need to change your care routine. It’s as easy as brushing and flossing daily. Visit our office for regular check-ups and treat your new smile like you earned it. With dental implants from Pembroke Pines, you’ll have something to truly smile about.