Your natural teeth are as important to us as they are to you. When decay or disease threatens the health of your mouth, Pembroke Pines is here to restore your teeth back to their original luster. From a simple filling to advanced oral surgery, our staff is committed to helping you find the beauty of a healthy mouth. Our comprehensive restorative dentistry services focus on fixing only what you need, and our team will help you determine which procedures are best for you.


Did you know that fillings are one of the most common restorations performed in the dental industry? When decay takes over, you need to fight back. We remove the decayed portion and restore your tooth back to its original state. We use both amalgam and composite materials, depending on your specific needs. Our composite material blends in with your natural enamel, and is quite durable. The entire process is quick, comfortable and relatively simple.

Crowns and Bridges

Have a tooth that is fractured? Have you had a root canal? Do you have a broken tooth? Dr. Hibbert may advise you to consider a crown. A dental crown is a cap that fits over a damaged tooth in order to add extra protection and stability to it. Made of porcelain, these restorations are often suggested after a tooth has undergone root canal therapy. They match your natural enamel and repair your damaged tooth perfectly.

Bridges are a great option for patients with a missing tooth between two healthy teeth. A prosthetic tooth is crafted and anchored in place by crowns on both sides of the bridge. The crown acts as support for the restoration, and is an excellent choice for patients with healthy surrounding teeth. Depending on what’s best for each patient, we use porcelain fused to metal (PFM) or metal-free bridges.  


Tooth loss can really wreak havoc on your self-confidence. No matter why you’ve lost your teeth, dentures help you restore your smile. Whether you have some healthy teeth remaining and you’d benefit from a partial, or you need a full set of dentures, we’ve got you covered. Our dentures are done in-house, which means you won’t have to be referred to another doctor for fitting. Partials keep your healthy teeth from shifting, while giving you back the functionality of a full set of teeth.


Looking for an alternative to dentures or bridges? Dental implants are a permanent, durable solution to missing teeth. Implants function like natural teeth, look like natural teeth, and feel like natural teeth. Dr. Conrad Hibbert can place and restore your dental implants from the comfort of our office. Visit our Implant Dentistry page to learn more!

Root Canals

Nobody ever wants to be told they need a root canal. However, if your tooth is severely decayed or infected, you’ll likely experience painful symptoms that need to be taken care of. Root canals, or endodontic therapy, save your natural tooth by removing the affected pulp and using a composite filling to prevent future decay and infection. We perform root canals on your front teeth right in our office, and depending on the case, may be able to assist with molar endodontic therapy. We ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can make some patients nervous. If you need a tooth extracted, you can rest assured that our team will do everything possible to help you relax and keep you comfortable. In our office, we perform minor extractions, wisdom teeth extractions, and deal with bony impactions.